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Fractal (Personal Project)

A brave explorer travels into deep space where he encounters an invisible substance which begins to create semi-fluid masses in his ships wake. This process spreads throughout the ship, tearing it apart. He is thrown into space where his body transforms in the substance. These new masses created by the disturbance begin to harden and form the planets on which he will discover the strange physical properties of these new worlds.

Everything is alive. Everything can be combined or split apart. Even you...

Fractal has been my solo project for the last year and a half. The goal was to build a procedural planet system that could grow, change form, and combine with other planets to become larger masses. Creatures spawn when you fly fast enough, and from there they can become your friends or your enemies. They can grow and combine, and they can eventually create a whole new planet.

Unfortunately my laptop was stollen recently. I learned a hard lesson in making sure you aren't linking to assets outside the commit folder. The world engine remains mostly intact, but I lost some optimization work and the missing assets make the game unplayable in its current state. I will eventually recover what was lost but I was already up against dwindling funds. It's a sad realization, but I'm putting a hold on this dream for the time being.

I wish a could leave you with more than this low quality video ripped from a facebook post a year back, but alas I was pretty bad at recording my progress. It doesn't show everything, but it's a nice reminder of where the project is headed.

Marvel United (Kabam)
I was the lead front-end engineer for this Kabam project. I built most of the asset pipeline, connected artists with the development team, designed/implemented the comic and tutorial systems, and was often called in to implement the more complex menu features.


Mermaid World Stories (Crowdstar)
I was a front-end engineer for this Crowdstar project. I built many of the menus, implemented some of the mermaid behaviors, and implemented the tutorial system. Perhaps the most fun I had was implementing the schools of fish swimming in the background. It plays no significants in the game, but I had a lot of fun programming them to swim in natural patterns that combine and split apart. Mermaids aren't exactly my cup of tea so I had to find something to geek out on.



Contacting Me
My name's Keith and I'm a game developer currently working out of San Francisco. This site shows off my self-published works but I have spent most of the last 5 years working with game companies CrowdStar, Phoenix Age, and Kabam. I've spent a lot of time in the web/mobile gaming industry but recently switched directions to explore the emerging Unity and VR community.

If you're interested in making a connection or looking for a diehard front-end developer you can contact me at KeithKongGames@gmail.com.

Keith Harty (Keith Kong)

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